Top Performance is a big word. Only a few realize such feat, and those who do are forever embedded in our history as the greats. We often idolize them and think they are above their humanity when in reality, they’re not. Being the best is less about the result and…

Either forge your path with Sincerity, or don’t build it at all.

Do you ever feel as if there’s a black hole within your chest? Rather than shying away from it, go into it.

Photo by Magne on Unsplash

Merge with that feeling of being stuck, getting dragged by a force inside your heart. Succumb to the numbness.

What is this feeling Saying to You?

If you…

Life doesn’t care how many times you start a new commitment to someone or something — life only cares about the long game, and so should you.

Commitment. During every waking moment we are faced with a choice. Each choice constitutes a promise; a compromise.

Every time you wake up you are faced with a choice: staying truthful to your vision or neglecting it.

Saying yes to your vision is essential in life, but how many times…

Should an algorithm choose your potential mate based on your genes? Would it be more succesfull than our “biochemical algorithms” we use to select our long-term partners?

Even deeper, should dating apps have access to your genome to recommend you dates based on genetic compatibility? Will Tinder include a feature to see potential mates’ genetic pool?

Today, the dating arena has evolved into something rather dystopian in the lens of older generations. We choose who to date…

A Conversation With Charles Murray

Episode Notes

Charles Murray has a PhD in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BA in history from Harvard University. He currently holds the F. A. Hayek Emeritus Chair in Cultural Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

Episode 19

Dr. Murray first came to national attention with the…

Alex Levy

Curious, conscious and future-oriented. Currently studying Political Science. Producer of Through Conversations Podcast at

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